Sai Dhun Om Namo Sainathay

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This is the dhun which I used to listen two years ago when I first came near to Sai Baba. It produced such electric effect in my heart that I swayed with it. I used to listen it continously from morning till evening in my office and it gave me great sense of Baba's presence. I wished to post it since long but could not do so and at last left it to Baba to decide when to post.

Many devotees asked me for this dhun but I was not able to copy it in my system from cd. I tried to find another hard copy from few devotee friends of mine, but since it was released long time back there were problems in copying. This morning to my surprise I saw Sai Devotee Darpan's mail and when I opened it, there was a link of this dhun as his contribution. Really Baba's way of showering blessings are unique and beyond our understanding.

Sai Devotee Darpan has sent many other bhajans and dhuns which will be posted in subsequent posts. Few other devotees have also contributed bhajans for this blog, but as Hindi Sai Satchatritra Audio and Sai Asra album was being posted I chose to post them after that.

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