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Shiv Mahapuran produced by Gulshan Kumar.

In Vedic era 'Shiva' is present. In Puranic, pre-historic or historical times 'Shiva's presence is inevitable. The cultural aspect of Indian life is non-existent without the inspiration of 'Shiva'.

Shiva is the source-fountain of National, Physical, Spiritual and human integrity of our nation. Indian identity is saved and maintained through thousands of years by the great influence of Lord 'Shiva'.

There is no one character in the world history which has influenced people so greatly and made them culturally rich as Shiva. The name of Lord Shiva is unique in each and every respect. The TV serial SHIV MAHAPURAN is a gratitude shown to this God of Gods called Shiva. A great effort is put to make this serial an unforgettable experience in every Indian's life.

Shiv Puran 42

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Shiv Puran 40

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    Shiv Puran 67

    Kaali maa tandav stotra 71

    Maa ki shakti 72

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    NAVEEN said...

    please send cds or dvds of shiv mahapuran

    Anonymous said...

    does this only go up to episode 70?

    Anonymous said...

    There are more episodes than these.

    Anonymous said...

    Where are the episodes after Siv Puran 70? Please post them. Thank you. OM NAMAH SHIVAY :-)

    Anonymous said...

    Shiv is the only truth

    SharathChandra said...

    You can listen to the stories of Lord Shiva called Shiva Mahapurana and Get Your Sins Burnt !
    Just by listening to the Rudra Samhitha of Shiva Mahapurana, Your sins will be burnt in 3 days, so what all will be , will be prosperity !

    Miracle Happening 1 :
    Once Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu Were fighting
    among themselves as to who was great among
    both of them .
    Lord Shiva appeared as a pillar of fire which was infinite and was immeasurable by both of them and told them that he was greater than both of them !
    Both of them realized their limitations and apologized to Lord Shiva , realizing that he is
    beyond everything !

    Miracle Happening 2 :
    Sage Narada came to Lord Shiva and told him that
    he has mastered Lust and he had great control over the sex impulse and over himself.
    Lord Shiva Laughed at that and told him not to
    display his power to anyone.
    Sage Narada did not listen.
    Sage Narada went to Lord Vishnu and told him the same , what was told to Lord Shiva that he had
    mastered the sex impulse and had full control over himself.
    Later Sage Narada had gone to meet a King.
    When he saw the Daughter of the King, he was
    so enchanted by her beauty that he was aroused
    and fell in love with her.
    He went to Lord Vishnu and asked Lord Vishnu
    if he can get the handsome appearance of Lord
    Vishnu and meet the daughter of the King and
    get married to her.
    Lord Vishnu agreed to make Narada Handsome.
    But the trick played by Lord Vishnu was to give
    his entire handsomeness to Sage Narada except his
    facial handsomeness.
    He made sure that he gave his entire attractive appearance to sage Narada and Made Sage Narada’s
    face alone look like a Monkey.
    So when the time of swayamvara ceremony ( Girl choosing a groom for herself from among the
    prospective men who are interested in marriage )
    of that King’s daughter came, Sage Narada appeared at the time and place. Lord Vishnu also
    appeared at the same place.
    The King’s daughter chose Lord Vishnu in marriage over Sage Narada . The reason was : Sage Narada’s entire body was handsome as Lord Vishnu, but his
    face was the face of a monkey !
    Realizing the trick played by Lord Vishnu as Lord Vishnu has created Sage Narada’s face as a Monkey, Sage Narada Cursed Lord Vishnu with these words :
    May you experience the pain of living separate from your wife for a long time in another incarnation and may you have the company of the monkeys ! At this, Lord Vishnu smiled and agreed !
    As per the agreement of Lord Vishnu, he Really
    Incarnated as Lord Rama and had experienced the pain of separation from his wife Mother Sita and really had to have the company of Monkeys, especially the Lord God in the form of the Monkey God Lord Hanuman Himself !

    The above are just 2 stories, listen to more !

    All of you Listen to Shiva MahaPurana of Lord Shiva, All your problems will be solved because
    all your sins will be burnt, Thank You !

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