Episode 20-30

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Episode 21 - Sudama's chivda and Dron arrrives to hastinapur

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Episode 22 - Shastra Pooja, Drona insults Karna and Arjun's Test

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Episode 23 - Ekalavya, Karna's Education, Arjun's test of Bird's eye

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Episode 24 - All grow-up, prince is to be nominated and everyone exhibits their skills in rangbhoomi, Karna challenges Arjun and Duryodhan gives Anga desh to Karna

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Episode 25 - Drona's guru Dakshina to capture Dhrupad

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Episode 26 - Krishna gets sudarshan chakra from parshuram, defeats Jarasandh and orders building Dwarika

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Episode 27 - Yudhishthir is crowned as prince. Rukmini is being forced to marry Shishupal

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Episode 28 - Krishna kidnaps Rukmini

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Episode 29 - Lakshagraha is built in Varnavar by Purochan

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Episode 30 - Tunneling in varnavat begins

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