Hanuman Amritvani

Shree hanuman amritvani (sankat mochan hanuman)


Hanuman Amritvani ( Part 2 )


Lord Hanuman who is a Varana, one of the Diety in Hinduism and also worshiped as most accpetable God of this Kaliyug period also . He is a desciple, a follower and a devotee of Lord Sri rama who aided in rescuing Sita from Ravana. Hanuman was born to Anjana (a vanara) in Threta Yug and also refered him as incarnation of Lord Shiva. He is renowed for his bravery,courage,selflesness,devotion and loyality. There are different stories in Ramayana, other puranas regarding the birth of Sri Hanumanji. According to them, Anjana praied to shiva and worshiped him to be his son, another story states that Anjana worshiped and got the divine child from wind-god (Vayu). Hanuman is refered Anjaneya (Anjana’s son), Vay-putra (son of Vayu). Hanuman in his child hood is a mischevious, strong,courageous and an easy-learner.

Hanuman Childhood and Education:

One day Hanuman assuming sun as a ripe-fruit catched to eat, Indra saw this and hurted hanuman with his weapon(Vajrayudha), but later with Vayu’s requested hanuman Indra withdraw his effect and blessed him with multiple boons. Later Hanuman enlarged his body and requested Surya to accept him as a student, please by this Surya teached him all vedas and sakala(all) Sasthras and Vidhyas. Surya asked to help Surgriva(his spiritual son) as Guru-Dakshina, and became as one of the surgriva Sayna.

Bondness with Sri Rama :

Hanuman meets Lord Rama at Sugriva parvatha and also helps in finding Sita. In search of Sita hanuman recollects his own powers, enlarges his body and flies across the ocean and reaches lanka,conveys the message of rama to sita, which is beautifully described in “Sundara Kanda” a part in Ramayana which teaches the adventures of hanuman. Later hanuman also helps rama in the battle with ravana when brother lakshmana badly wounded as a rescue , he brings the whole Sanjivana Paravatha and becomes the dear and beloved one to rama.

Names of Hanumanji :

Hanumanji holds a mace(ghada) in his hand as sign of bravery and as a sign of his devotion he holds picture of sri rama and sita in his chest as the Pinnacle of devotion (bhakthi) . His names includes Maha-veera, Maruthi, Hanumantha, Anjaneya, Vayu-putra, Pavana Sutha,Pavana kumar, Bhagaranga Bali, Kesari Nandana, Anajna Putra, Sankata-Mochana (destroyer of hurdles and sorrows) . Hanuman is one of Chiranjeeva’s of aHinduism which Sitaji blessed him and listen topeople chanting Lord Rama’s name. So in Ramayana it is said that ;

“Yatra Yatra Raghunath Kirtanam
Tatra Tatra Krita Mastaka Anjalim
Bashpawari Pari purna lochanam
Marutim Nammascha Pakshas Antakam

which means whereever rama’s name chanting there will be hnumanji crying tears with joy and remove all the sorrows and demons.

Hanumanji ki Mandir(Temples) :

Even though Hanumanji is a devotoee himself, because of his devotion,surrenderness, courage and bhaki towards Lord Rama has made him Chiranjeevi. It is not a wonder that in india every village consists of Ram Mandir with Sita, Lakshmana and Hanumanji. It is also a belief the wherever his Images located whether in Temple or in house will free the evil powers and provide bhakti and knowledge.Panchamukha Anjaneyaswami Temples Thiruvallur and Kumbhakonam in Tamilnadu are regarded as most famous ones.

There are so many famous temples which includes, Monkey Point, Kasauli, Himachal Pradesh India ,Sri Suchindram Temple,Sri Narasimma Swami Temple, Saakshi Hanuman Temple, Sri Vishwaroopa Anchaneya Temple in Tamilnadu, Shree Marutinandan,Shree Bal Hanuman, Shri Hanumana Sethu Mandir,near lucknow in Uttar Pradesh,Bihar Sri Mahavir mandir Temple, and in Andhra Pradesh Yellala Anjaneya Swami Temple,Sri Nettikanti Anjaneya Swami Temples etc and also in many famous temples sourrounded across india.

Hanumanji Puja :

Hamanji becomes prassana easily with just chanting the name– SRI RAMA. He is a noble hero in hinduism who symbolises the pinnacle of devotion(Bhakthi) and selfless service,provider of knowledge,courage,hope and devotion. The most famous Hanumanji ki puja is recieted by his deciplines and common man is “Hanuman Chalisa” which consits of his powers and stuti of the great devotee.

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